5 Problems A Professional Commercial Painter Can Solve For Your Business

Hiring a professional commercial painter is the best way to ensure your building makes a great first impression on your potential customers. Not only will professionally painted walls revive an old building, but it will prevent future damage. Knowing how to identify potential problems and maintain the paint surface can save you thousands of dollars down the track. Below we list 5 Problems A Commercial Painter Can Solve for your Business.

Common issues with exterior paint, such as fading or cracked paint, mould and fungus can all leave your building looking worn and tired. It can also become problematic to the safety and comfort of your staff and customers. Our commercial painting services offer a wide range of flexible options to suit any type of business. 

“I don’t have the time to have the building painted” 

Often businesses have been meaning to have their commercial buildings repainted for quite some time before they enquire with us.

As a small business ourselves, we understand that things come up, and the business must keep functioning. This is why we created a flexible overnight painting service. This way we can freshen up the look of your building without causing any interruption to the day to day running of your corporate activities.

“The paint on the building keeps fading”

The exterior paint on buildings in Melbourne are exposed to the harshest of weather conditions, and as result paint is likely to fade and discolour over time.

When an exterior paint job begins to fade, the building can begin to look worn down and in need of attention. Our team of commercial painters can fix this by removing any chalking that has appears on the surface and repainting the wall. A local commercial painter will be familiar with the weather conditions in your area so they can recommend a suitable paint for the surface.

At SG Coatings we generally use UV-resistant primer and paint to prevent the paint job from fading in the future where possible. Once the surfaces have been repainted, you can help to prevent chalking and fading by simply washing the walls every year or two.

“Cracks are starting to appear in your paint”  

Exterior paint will often crack or blister as they age due to the building settling. When cracking appears, it can make a building look old and untidy potentially scaring off potential customers.

Our commercial painters have plenty of experience in repairing paint cracks. First, we chip away any cracked or blistered paint and pressure wash the walls to remove paint. The removal of any cracked and peeling paint will allow for a smooth, durable coat that will last longer.

Once the surface has been completely prepared, our professional painters will put a brand new coat of paint on the building that is guaranteed to look great for years to come.

“My walls are attracting mold and fungus” 

Mold and fungus are commonly found on painted surfaces in areas that are shady or damp. If your building is located in an industrial estate, you are likely to come across this problem.

Once the mold begins to grow, it can permanently stain the surface and can be extremely difficult to remove with general cleaning equipment. Not only is this unattractive, but it is also a health and safety concern.

Our commercial painters have plenty of experience with mold and fungus, and know how to remove it correctly. This is done by first removing any mold on the surface, then treating the mould to ensure that it doesn’t grow back, before repainting the area with mold-resistant paint to prevent any future growth.

“The existing colour of the building is dated”

It can be difficult to decide on a specific colour scheme for your buildings, as you want it to reflect the personality and nature of your business in the best way possible. If you want to select a new paint colour for your walls, our professional painters can help you decide which colours to choose.

Dark colours are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many business owners, as the dark tones can give a contemporary and modern feel. On the other hand, dark walls can make a room feel small and gloomy, and colours such as white can often be too “clinical” for many businesses, so it’s important to get the right colour balance.

Our commercial painters are able to offer plenty of helpful advice when it comes to selecting the right colours for your business.

An experienced commercial painter is able to quickly identify, solve and prevent a variety of paint-related issues for your business. Whether you are concerned about the safety of your staff and customers, or simply want to attract new customers with a fresh look, a professional commercial painting company will have the experience to help you achieve your goals.

At SG Coatings, our commercial painting team take great pride in our work to guarantee that only the best services are provided for our clients. Our professional painters have years of experience and are known for providing a high-quality commercial painting service.

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