6 vital reasons why spring is best time to paint your Melbourne house

Painting your home can’t always be done when you want to. If you are painting the exterior of your home, you need to consider humidity, rain, wind, dirt and salt which can all contribute to a subpar finish. Even interior painting can be tricky to complete at the wrong time of the year due to drying times. Here we will explain why spring is best time to paint your house.

A professional painter will have the right knowledge and equipment to paint all year-round, but if you are DIY painting, be sure to follow our guide below for the best time to paint your house, and crucial times to avoid.  

  1. The average temperature is perfect

According to Climate Data the average temperature across Spring in Melbourne is approximately 22 degrees Celsius. This moderate temperature creates the perfect conditions for the paint to dry evenly on both the interior and exterior of your home.

Winter is not an ideal time to paint due to the harsh Melbourne temperatures. If the temperature is too cold (less than 12 degrees Celsius), the paint may not adhere to the surface sufficiently, resulting in an uneven appearance and a lot of frustration.

On the other hand, if the temperature is too warm the paint can crack soon after it has been applied and you can get obvious brush marks. If you choose to paint during the summer months, try to select a week where the temperature isn’t higher than 30 degrees Celsius.

Be sure to check the temperatures of both the day and night for the 48 hours after you finish painting as well. If there is a large fluctuation in temperature the paint may not be able to cure properly, resulting in peeling paint.

By choosing a Spring month, you are more likely to have consistent, moderate weather conditions, allowing you to avoid any issues caused by excessive temperatures, but if you are unsure, contact a local painter to help you today.

  1. There is little to no rain

Painting the exterior of your home requires consistent days where no rain has been forecasted, so it is best to put your tools down in winter.

Not only should you check the forecast for your painting day(s), but be sure the weather is clear a couple of days prior, and a couple of days after completion. If there has been a bout of rain before you begin, make sure the exterior surfaces are completely dry before painting in order to achieve a perfect finish.

  1. The humidity provides great conditions

If you are painting your Melbourne home, you should consider Spring when humidity is at its prime. According to BOM Spring in Melbourne has an average of 50-60% humidity, which is ideal for the application of paint.

If you paint when it is too dry, there is no moisture to help prevent brush marks. If you paint when the air is too moisty, the paint won’t adhere to the surface properly, and can take too long to dry.

Professional painters have specialised dehumidifiers to create the perfect conditions for a stunning result, so if you are worried about humidity reach out to your trusted local painter today.

6 vital reasons why spring is best time to paint your Melbourne house
  1. There isn’t a lot of wind

It is a common misconception that wind is great for painting… Better drying times for instance, or a gentle breeze to keep you comfortable. However, although this is a nice thought, wind can create a range of issues.

Wind can blow dirt and grime into your new paintjob which can leave your brand-new surface dirty, bumpy and miscoloured. If you are using a paint spray or spray gun, you can also get overspray on yourself, your garden, car or walls that you don’t want painted.

Being so close to winter, you are best to wait until the end of spring for the best wind conditions. 

  1. The weather conditions are safe

Exterior house painting takes a lot of physical awareness, coordination and strength, so if you are painting outdoors, you want to select a time to paint that provides safe conditions for yourself and your family.

Painting for hours outside in the heat can be dangerous, leaving you open to heat stroke and sun damage. Alternatively, winter can provide slippery conditions if you need to use a ladder to get to those hard-to-reach spots. By choosing a month during the spring time, you are giving yourself the best chance to stay safe during your DIY painting project. 

  1. Your home will be fresh for summer

There is nothing better than arriving home to a fresh, clean home both inside and out. By painting during the spring, you get to take advantage of your magnificent new-look home for summer. Your home will look flawless bathed in the summer natural light, and you will be proud to entertain family and friends throughout the holidays.

As you can see, Spring is the best time to paint your Melbourne home. Should you want to paint in the off-season, reach out to a professional house painter to assist in delivering a spectacular finish. Expert painters have all of the equipment, experience and skills to paint all-year-round. If you need help with your residential painting in Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula and would like an obligation free quote, please contact SG Coatings today.