7 integral painting ideas for the outside of your house

7 integral painting ideas for the outside of your house

Whether you have recently purchased a home or you’re looking to improve the look of an older home, a fresh exterior paint job can completely transform your house. Painting Ideas for the outside of your house provides tips on cost-effective ways to give your home a brand-new look and increase your homes resale value.

There’s a lot to think about when repainting the exterior of your home. With so many potential colour schemes and designs, it can be hard to narrow the options down to which colours will best suit your home. Below we have listed 7 great ideas for painting the exterior of your house including:

  • Primary colours
  • Wooden exteriors
  • Standout features
  • Contrasting with the background
  • Neutral colours
  • Materials
  • White shades

Okay, let’s get started!

Exterior Painting

1. Primary colours

Primary colours include red, yellow and blue. All other colours are derived from these three colours, which inherently means that they are complementary to each other. These colours are very bright and may not be suitable for an entire exterior paint job.

Instead, select one main colour to use as the base which will cover the majority of your walls. This could be a more neutral shade of yellow or blue to set a background for the other colours. Choose a secondary bright primary colour which stands out against the neutral shade. This could be painted as a feature, such as on the front door or the windows. Finally, you can use another bright primary colour to continue to evoke more contrast with other features on the house such as stair railings or support posts.

Although primary colours are bold, using different shades and different combinations can really add personality to the exterior of your home. This is the first of our painting ideas for the outside of your house. Next up… 

2. Wooden exteriors

With the right colour scheme, wooden exterior walls can look incredible, and can really give your house a homely feel.

Darker paint colours such as dark greys and blacks can really create a contemporary feel when combined with the rich brown and amber colour of the wood.

These darker colours may look dull on their own, but the contrast between the wood and the paint will create a stunning design for your home’s exterior. Wood can be used as cladding or in other areas of the house to create accent features that pop out against the darker paint colours.

Experiment with small samples of wood and paint combinations during different times of day. This will allow for the different appearance under different lighting conditions.

3. Standout features 

Selecting a feature of your home to paint a completely separate colour can create a fantastic looking contrast when used correctly. One of the most common features used for this design is the front door, as it can grab your attention straight away.

A brightly coloured door such as a red or blue can look amazing when paired with a white or grey colour scheme. Painting the front door is an extremely easy way to create a new feeling for your home’s exterior. Be sure to consider the undertones of the surrounding paint job to ensure that the colour you choose will contrast nicely.

Contact SG Coatings to speak with our team of exterior painters for any assistance with selecting an appropriate colour for your standout feature.

4. Contrasting with the background

Many exterior paint colour schemes will often draw from the surrounding natural landscape and attempt to blend the colours of the trees and bushes with the paint job by using a similar hue.

Blending your landscape and home can look magnificent… But if you are someone who likes to stand out, you could also select a colour that contrasts with the natural surroundings and really grabs your attention instead of blending in. This will make your home stand out against the crowd and will allow for a different perspective between the landscape and the exterior of the house.

5. Neutral colours 

Neutral colours include shades of beige, white, cream, taupe and grey. These colours are not as bright and bold as some of the other colour schemes on this list, but they can certainly still look amazing when used correctly.

It’s a good idea to contrast colours when using neutral tones, as this helps to highlight certain features of the home and separate the colour. You could paint white or black trim to give the colour an accent and really make it stand out. This can also be achieved by painting other features such as the windows, door frames and shutters in the same colours.

6. Materials 

The use of rock and bricks for the exterior of your walls or cladding can provide an amazing looking feature wall that helps to exaggerate the colour scheme of the paint surrounding it.

There are many different styles, shapes and colours available, all of which can create a different feel and provide a new level of depth to your existing colour scheme. Rock, brick, stone and other materials can also be used for support pillars and steps to create contrast between the colour of the paint.

7. White shades

White shades can provide a simple, clean aesthetic that works well with many different home styles. Whether the house is an older colonial style or a more modern contemporary style, white can look fantastic on a large variety of homes.

Be sure to take care when selecting a white colour for your exterior as they are available in many different shades and tones. Test different paints to see how they look when the sun shines on them at different times of the day. This can help you to select a shade of white that will work well with the existing features of your home.

Also keep in mind that you may need to repaint or maintain your exterior surface more often, as white will show up imperfections more than any other colour.

Hopefully these ideas have provided you with some inspiration to paint your exterior walls and create an amazing new feel for your home.

You may still be wondering where to start or what colours will best suit your home. Thankfully the team at SG Coatings are ready to provide our expertise and carry out any exterior painting job you may have.

Our team of professional house painters will ensure that your exterior paint job is of the highest quality, from Bayside Melbourne to the peninsula. We are also available to assist you with any advice on styling and colours to ensure that the colours you choose will match your home perfectly. If you would like to book a free design consultation and/or free painting quote with our painters in Bayside Melbourne or the peninsula, please contact us today.