Female House Painter

female house painter on the mornington peninsula

Female Painter

How it all started…

SG Coatings is owned and operated by female house painter Sophie Grover, with 17 years’ experience in the industry. Based in Frankston, Sophie is quickly becoming renowned for being “that female house painter on the Mornington Peninsula”. The business is made up of both male and female painters who pride themselves on their workmanship and the delivery of beautiful residential and commercial painting projects. Sophie says “My team is strongest with a balance of skillsets and personalities, whether that be male or female. Each of us bring different strengths to the job, and we all work hard to deliver a premium solution for our customers together.” Sophie manages and oversees each and every painting project at SG Coatings. She is often complimented on her punctuality, attention to detail, friendly service and cleanliness and often associates her reputation to running the trade business as a successful woman. Apart from cleanliness and immaculate detail, there are many reasons to involve a woman in your next painting project. Below we have outlined some of the benefits of engaging a female painter.

Support the growing number of female tradies

Sadly only 1-2% of the construction industry is made up by females. There has been a huge surge in female tradespeople since 2015, with many consumers quickly realising the number of benefits in having lady tradies part of their construction projects. By supporting women in trade and construction you are helping inspire and connect females to their dream jobs, when they may not have otherwise considered construction as an option.

Women can see more colours than men

Due to the level of testosterone receptors in the visual cortex of men, women have the upper hand when it comes to visual perception of colours. By engaging a woman painter, your colour consultation may be slightly more accurate, resulting in exactly what you had envisioned.

Women can empathise with other women

The majority of our customers are women, so we pride ourselves on being able to relate to the problems, needs and desires of our customers. Being able to connect with our customers allows us to communicate effectively to ensure we exceed their expectations in terms of aesthetics, service and functionality.

Women are more risk averse than men

The American Psychological Association has proven that men are more likely to take risks than women. With women tending to take more care, you can rest assured not only that your painting project will be completed to a high quality, but it will be completed safely.

If you would like to learn more about female tradespeople and opportunities, please visit the National Association of Women in Construction, a not-for-profit organisation designed to help champion and empower women in construction.

With growing evidence supporting the benefits of involving females in your next construction project, make sure you consider a local, female owned and operated business like SG Coatings for your next painting project. Contact us for an obligation free painting quote or colour consultation in Bayside Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula.