Autumn Paint Colour Trends

Looking for a little inspiration for new paint colours for the Autumn season?

As the nights are getting cooler and we are spending more time indoors, it can be refreshing to add some colour and personality to the interior of our homes. Instead of purchasing expensive new homewares, why not consider a fresh coat of paint and a couple of new accessories? Combining new colours with the right textures you can create a warm, nostalgic atmosphere in your home quite inexpensively. At SG Coatings our team of expert painters have gathered the latest worldwide trends to share with you for inspiration.

Dulux Autumn Trends

Dulux has officially launched their Autumn colours for 2020 and the colour palette has been described as consisting of “biscuity neutrals and muted accents inspired by nature”. The timeless colours allow for maximum versatility with your existing furniture so you can paint the interior of your home without having to redecorate your entire home.

Autumn Paint Colour Trends
Pancake mix is an Autumn favourite, boasting earthly calm and versatility. Its nurturing effect makes it perfect for lounge rooms, children’s rooms and other bedrooms.
Autumn Paint Colour Trends

Natural white is often used on skirtings and ceilings to ensure the bolder autumn colours don’t overwhelm. It is a softer, more muted white so it is not as clinical as your typical white house paint, and being a classic, it can be used with any of your existing furniture or accessories.

New York Fashion Week Autumn Trends

The Pantone Colour Institute has announced the New York Fashion Week Autumn colours for 2020 filled with earthy tones. This years’ colours breathe in calm and longevity. We have outlined a few of our favourites which work beautifully in Melbourne homes.
Autumn Paint Colour Trends

Sandstone is flexible and neutral. Paired with indoor greenery and rustic pots this is the perfect Autumn colour.

Autumn Paint Colour Trends
Ultramarine Green is perfect for adding poise, serenity and opulence to any living space. Consider using this with timbers and aged leather to sink into luxury, or pair with stark white accents for an uplifting calm. Being such a bold colour, steer clear of using this beautiful colour in small spaces so it doesn’t make your room look smaller.
Autumn Paint Colour Trends

Almond Oil is the perfect addition to compliment the other bolder colours in the trend report. Its smooth, creamy composition adds a touch of richness and thoughtfulness. Almond Oil works brilliantly against most other colours, so layer your favourite furniture with your existing colourful knitted throws and textured rugs for a gorgeous visual impact.

How To Choose The Right Autumn Colour For Your Home

  • Consider the size of your home: Darker colours should be used sparingly in small spaces so they don’t overwhelm your space. If you have a small space consider using darker colours as a feature wall, or pair them with lighter ceiling colours and skirting boards. You can also tone them down with lighter-toned furniture, flooring and accessories.
  • Colour psychology and your space: Different colours can evoke different emotions, so it is important to match your personality and functionality of your space with the colours you choose. For example, if you want to encourage productivity in a study area you might choose an orange tone, as it is known to promote enthusiasm and energy, rather than an uninspiring chocolate brown colour.
  • Accessories: Consider your existing homeware colours and accessories before deciding on your paint colour. For example, if you already have a lot of indoor plants and greenery, it is best to stick to a neutral colour palette which will compliment or feature your favourite plants. If you have warm timber floors and hardware and an abundance of natural light, you could enhance your cosy atmosphere by using more intimate tones.

SG Coatings has extensive experience selecting the best colours for your home, and can arrange a free design consultation with you the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside Melbourne, South East Melbourne or surrounding suburbs. If you would like a professional, experienced painter to help you choose your unique colours for a fresh look for the interior of your home, please contact us here.