Best Paint Colours For Selling a House (Your Complete Style Guide)

2021 Update

Preparing your house to sell can be a busy time with an endless to-do list. Freshening up your house may increase the market value which means a better outcome for you, the seller. There are endless paint colour options so where do you start? With individual style preferences, it can be confusing deciding on what the best colours to paint your house are when selling your property. At SG Coatings, our qualified painters are here to help minimise the confusion.

Let’s start with the most pressing question….

Should I paint my house when selling my property?

In short, YES. General wear and tear from living in a house can be observed easily, especially in daytime lighting when most house inspections occur. Marks and dints from moving furniture as well as hanging picture frames also add to the imperfections on show. A fresh coat of paint can make a room look bigger and brighter which may entice potential buyers when selling your Bayside Melbourne home.

Where do I start?

For home interior painting it is recommended that you aim for neutral tones. Whilst it may be tempting to go with paint colours that stand out to bring attention to your home, it may do the opposite and deter potential buyers. In a recent paint study, cool neutral tones have been listed as the preference for home owners in 2020. Did you know that different paint colours evoke different meanings, depending on the individual person? Let’s break down some popular paint colours for reselling your home in 2020.

Best Interior Paint Colour Schemes for Selling A House


According to colour psychology, the paint colour white may invoke feelings of freshness, cleanliness and simplicity. It may also infer a fresh start which compliments the meaning of purchasing a new home. White is the epitome of minimalist trends.


For the ultimate neutral colour, grey paint is the one colour you cannot go past. Grey is a classic paint colour which is both chic and classy in both dark and light tones. This neutral tone provides the perfect slate for styling with furnishings and other household styling items. Perfect to showcase your Melbourne home.


If you would like a warm tone comprising of grey and brown tones that promotes luxury and comfort, then taupe is your go-to. Taupe paint is a stylish and modern way to spruce up your house before selling.

Colours to avoid

Bold or vibrant colours should be avoided, unless they compliment the styling of the house. Colours like orange, yellow and bright pink can subconsciously trigger undesired emotions. Did you know that both the colours orange and yellow have been known to stimulate your appetite?

Rethink feature walls

Feature walls are a way of home interior painting that can be used to encompass your individual style. Whilst they can be used to inspire a certain feeling, for example a calming blue in the bathroom, they can also be off-putting to some potential buyers. In saying that, if a feature wall enhances the styling or design of the house, then go for it. Check out our tips for painting the ultimate feature wall here.

Best Paint Colours For Selling a House

Best Exterior Paint Colour Schemes for Selling A House

First impressions last. The exterior of your house is the first thing potential buyers will see, so you want to ensure quality from the start. Signs that your house exterior needs painting include bubbling or cracked paint, cracked caulking, fading colours, shrinking or chalking.


In recent times, a paint colour has emerged which is a blend of the colours grey and beige, hence the name greige. The trendy colour has been reported to increase the value of your Melbourne house.


The ultimate beach colour is blue. Lighter shades of blue ooze the serenity of a Bayside Melbourne or coastal home whilst darker shades of blue paint emphasise sophistication.


Grey is truly the powerhouse of colours, being suitable for both interior and exterior painting. The neutrality of the cool tone is versatile. To see grey paint in action from your local house painter on the Mornington Peninsula, view the SG Coatings professional painting portfolio here.

What about if I would like a particular style palette in my home?

 Look no further, we have you covered (or should we say coloured?) By using a curated colour palette to express a particular style, this can attract buyers by meeting their preferred décor requirements. The paint colours below are timeless and can be customised to your requirements. For a custom colour consultation reach out to us for help. 


A coastal style is perfect if you are looking for a fresh and sophisticated style mixed with a beachy feel. This palette consists of neutral colours including warm whites and grey with sprinklings of cool blues and greens to instantly make you feel relaxed and at home.

Perfect for your bayside or Mornington Peninsula home.

Nordic Scandi Style

The scandi style creates a timeless elegance in your home. The increasingly popular colour scheme provides a homely yet minimalist luxe feel to your home interior. A mixture of neutral whites complimented with subtle accents of blue and pink paint can make your house a buyer’s dream.

French Provincial

The ever-graceful French provincial style is comprised of warm neutral tones, parquetry and antique furniture. Think dusty blues, greens and pinks used as accents to warm light grey and cream paints.


predicted colour trend for 2021 by Dulux, this modern and contemporary palette encompasses neutral tones with deep blues and rich burgundy.

Remember to engage a professional painter

You can spot a bad paint job. When selling your home, you want it to look flawless. Engaging with a local painter who specialises in home interior painting increases your chance of obtaining a premium price for your home, so don’t take shortcuts. Leave it to professional painters to do what they do best – paint. At SG Coatings we pride ourselves on providing a personalised, hassle free service.

When selecting a house painter on the Mornington Peninsula or Bayside Melbourne, always ask for examples of previous work to ensure quality workmanship. SG Coatings are your local painters who have a range of completed home interior painting projects for your perusal. Contact us for a free colour consultation or obligation free quote for your house painting today. Seeking the advice of a professional residential painting service will help you choose the best colours to paint your house when selling.