Blairgowrie painting project

Maintenance painting in Blairgowrie

The team at SG Coatings take on a variety of jobs across the Mornington Peninsula and South-east Melbourne. This week, the crew were called out to a general painting and maintenance job at a property in the coastal town of Blairgowrie. The property is owned by Andrew who commutes out of the country on a regular basis. He also rents out the house on Airbnb when he’s not living at home. As the home is used by guests, Andrew wanted to ensure that his property was looking as clean and well-kept as possible.

A fresh new look for a stunning coastal home

Andrew came to us looking to freshen up the paint on the interior and the exterior of the house. He wanted to give it a clean new look for not just himself, but for his Airbnb guests as well. We discussed exactly what he was aiming to achieve, and decided that the best course of action was to apply new paint across the entire property. As domestic painters on the Mornington Peninsula, rental maintenance painting is something that we often encounter. With so many holiday rental properties located in this area, the SG Coatings team are very familiar with this type of painting and the requirements. We were able to devise a detailed action plan thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise, ensuring that the property would receive a rejuvenated look and feel once the job was complete.

interior and the exterior house painter

Previous paint job issues

Once we arrived at the property, we quickly began to realise that the previous painter had used some inferior products to paint their walls. Using low-quality primers and paints can cause the walls to become highly prone to general wear and tear. The paint struggles to adhere to the walls, leaving them less durable and providing poor coverage. We noticed that some of the paint, particularly the paint used around the windows and doors, was going to be an issue for our team. We quickly got to work, removing all of the low-quality paint with paint stripper and applying multiple coats of our premium paint to give the house an entirely new and improved look.

Working with limited access

The team also encountered some minor access issues, with large trees blocking some of the exterior walls. This meant that it was difficult to reach certain areas, and space to move around in near the walls was limited. Thankfully, our team of skilled painters have plenty of experience with limited access jobs, and we were able to work around the trees without a problem.

The final touches on a beautiful property

After manoeuvring around these small issues, the rest of the job was standard procedure and the team were able to continue painting without any interruptions. We were able to complete the interior and exterior painting within just one week, and the final result was ready to present to the client. Andrew was extremely pleased with our general maintenance painting, as well as our efficiency which allowed us to complete the job to a high standard within a short time frame. To read more about some of the other jobs we’ve completed for our satisfied customers, you can visit our projects page here. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a free quote for your property, you can visit our contact page. Our dedicated team of house painters on the Mornington Peninsula are ready to give your property the upgrade it deserves.

final touches general maintenance painting