How much does it cost to paint a house?

If you’re looking to brighten up your home with some renovations to make it more attractive or improve its curb appeal, a brand-new paint job is a great place to start. Repainting your home is a great way to add value, especially if you’re already beginning to notice signs of flaking or peeling paint. A fresh coat of paint can dramatically change the appearance of your home, brightening your walls and making it feel newer and fresher. But how much does it cost to actually paint a house on the Mornington Peninsula?

Interior house painting 

For a standard 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom house, house painters on the Mornington Peninsula will generally charge between $9-12K, depending on the size and the features in your home. 

Larger homes featuring multiple stories and wet areas (bathrooms, laundry etc) will generally cost between $13-18K. This estimate will vary based on the resources and time required to get the job done. 

If you own a more complex home that may be heritage listed, or that a home that contains colonial windows, cathedral ceilings or any other intricate features, interior painting on the Mornington Peninsula may cost you between $18-26K. 

There may be some additional costs to consider if your home contains further complex features such as feature walls or venetian plaster. This can require some additional care and consideration and may take longer to complete than other sections of the home. 

Exterior house painting 

For a standard brick 3-bedroom home with eves, windows, and downpipes, a house painter on the Mornington Peninsula will generally charge between $7-12K.

For a more complex house with render or weatherboards, you could be looking at between $15-30K. This is dependent on how much preparation work is required, and prices may vary. 

It is important to note that these figures are just general guidelines, and do not constitute a detailed quote. For all the projects we assess, we need to look at plans to provide an exact quote, but this is a guide to provide a general estimate.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when your house is ready for a new coat of paint. The harsh Australian climate and UV rays can begin to degrade your paint over time, and before you know it your walls can begin to bubble and flake. If you’re usure whether or not you need a new paint job, you can view our blog to discover some signs that your house exterior needs repainting.

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Factors that may impact price


The condition of your walls can have an effect on how much your paintjob will cost. If you have rotting timber on your walls, they may need to be removed and repaired before the painting process can begin. The same applies to mouldy wood or rusted metal, which will be factored into the price.  


If your house is two stories or more, you could require scaffolding to reach the upper levels which will also factor into the cost of your new paintjob. At SG Coatings the safety of our team, our clients and their properties is paramount.

Access issues

If your house is particularly difficult to access, it becomes harder to use ladders and equipment. Limited access can be a result of overgrown grass, wood piles, building materials, plants, etc. Removing these obstacles and working around them can take extra time which contributes to the price of your new paintjob. 

Extra care

Some homes require some extra care before the painting process begins. Heritage listed homes often boast some intricate features including sash windows, shutters, door frames etc. We know how important it is to treat a heritage home with care, so we ensure that the preparation and painting process is done carefully and correctly which can sometimes require more time and resources. Homes that contain asbestos or lead paint will also require some considered preparation in order to manage the hazards correctly, which can factor into the price. 

The cost of painting a house can vary greatly depending on the square meterage of the walls, the size of your home, the materials used for your walls etc. All of these factors combined can make it difficult to estimate how much it will cost to paint your home. This is why we offer obligation free quotes to our clients, where we can assess your home in detail and offer you a much more accurate estimate. 

At SG Coatings, we provide reliable, high-quality painting services to our residential clients, no matter how intricate the project may be. Our team of male and female painters on the Mornington Peninsula have years of experience and are highly regarded for our attention to detail. If you’re interested in reading some testimonials from some of our local clients, you can check out our google reviews by clicking here


If you’re interested in booking in a free design consultation and/or free painting quote to discuss interior or exterior painting on the Mornington Peninsula or the surrounding suburbs, please contact us today. We’d love to hear from you. 

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