How To Repaint Your Office & Keep Your Business Running

There are many advantages in repainting your commercial business, but often it gets bumped to the bottom of the list because it is too hard to manage with so many employees around. With the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place around Melbourne, now is the perfect time to consider refreshing your space. As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping your business running so we have outlined some information below on the best way to repaint your office while keeping your business running effectively.

Why should I repaint my office space?

Customer perspective: If you have clients entering your office for meetings, you can give them a great first impression with a professionally painted space, and fresh, modern walls.

Improve mood and morale: It has been proven that colour can affect the way we feel, focus and create. If you want optimal efficiency in your workplace, consider introducing a splash of fresh colours such as pale blue or yellow.

Improve indoor air quality: A thorough clean and repaint can improve the indoor air quality by removing potentially hazardous mould and dirt, and applying new high-quality paint can minimise dust and pollutants.

Preventative maintenance and protection: Don’t wait until it is too late! Walls should have a new coat of paint every 5-7 years in order to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Sometimes waiting too long can create unforeseen issues such as rotting, peeling and mould which can become much more costly to fix long term. 

Why should I choose a professional painter for my office space?

Painting an office is no small task. Not only does it need to look professional and clean, but you need to ensure you are maintaining a safe work environment for your employees and customers. Of course, there is nothing wrong with DIY painting for your office space, but it may become more costly than you originally envisioned when you calculate the time it takes for you to plan, organise, paint and clean up. Not to mention the costs of all the protective equipment and materials.

You will spend a lot less time painting your office space when you hire an experienced professional painter, as they know the best products and techniques to ensure there are minimal disruptions to the day to day running of your business. Professional painters are also highly experienced in problem-solving, so if they run into an issue such as mould, or wall damage, they will be well equipped to quickly find a safe and durable solution. Professional painters are also usually fully insured, not only for structural or cosmetic damage but for customer health and safety as well. Should something not go to plan, you can rest assured that your professional painter can look after it for you.

At SG Coatings we have years of experience painting commercial businesses and office spaces. We can take care of colour matching, paint selection, business safety procedures, proper ventilation, protective materials as well as cleaning up after ourselves, so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Interior Painting

Do I need to close the office for a professional painter?

The running of your office should not be affected if you hire a professional painter. If you have enough space you can usually have painters work around your employees by setting up safety zones in different regions of the office. With the current Victorian restrictions for COVID-19, it is the perfect time to paint your space without full employee capacity in the office.

If your business has clients visiting the office, you will need to ensure there will be enough space for them to safely visit your premises, or you will need to reschedule meetings to another location for the duration of the painting project. Often customers get excited for you when you let them know you are investing money into cosmetic changes for the business, so they will normally be happy to reschedule or relocate, and will be rushing in to see the finished product upon completion. It is important to discuss health codes and ventilation requirements with your painter before engaging their services to ensure your business can have staff and clients present while undertaking the project.

What if I cannot provide a safe environment for customers and staff?

Should you be concerned that you may not be able to provide a healthy work environment for your staff and customers without closing your doors, you can always have your office painted outside of working hours. At SG Coatings we provide a commercial overnight painting service which allows your painting to be completed while there are no staff or customers present in the office. If you choose to engage an overnight painting service, be assured that all the staff are insured and police checked before commencing the project.

There are so many benefits in refreshing the paint in your office space, from improved customer perception, to increasing the focus and efficiency of your staff. You should not delay the painting of your office space because you are concerned about the day-to-day running of your business being affected, as there is an abundance of ways to ensure you can continue to make money while the project is completed. If you are interested in learning more about having your office safely and professionally painted in Melbourne, Bayside Melbourne, South East Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula, contact our team of experts here.