Residential Exterior Painting
Frankston South

Job Name: Residential Exterior Painting Frankston South

Client Name: Laura Diaz

Job Location: Ian Court, Frankston South


It had been years since Laura had last treated her house to a fresh coat of paint and she was looking to achieve a modern, fresh look for her home. It is important to semi-regularly recoat your home. We recommend you repaint your home or business every five to seven years. This keeps your property protected from the elements and reduces the likelihood of damage such as corrosion or rot. For Laura’s Frankston South home, it had been sometime between coats of paint, and in the interim some areas had developed slight damage.

There were areas of rotting present which needed to be repaired before painting to ensure longevity in the paint. Additionally, Laura’s electric blinds needed to be disconnected and some areas of the exterior such as over stairs had height accessibility issues requiring scaffolding for safety.

Our network of reliable trades across the Peninsula is extensive. This made it easy for us to arrange to get a carpenter in to fix the rotting, ss well as have someone safely disconnect the blinds and arrange the scaffolding. It’s great being able to sort out these issues with a simple phone call, as it’s completely stress-free for the client.

A great thing about Laura is that she is an interior designer, so she had already picked out all the colours and styles she wanted. That made it easy for us as we could get straight into the painting.

The painting project involved painting render, which like Laura, so many of us have on the exterior of our homes. This involved using a special type of protective layering called flexible membrane coating. This type of special coating provides stronger protection of the render from the elements such as water and salt. Additionally, if cracks appear in the render, the membrane is somewhat stretchy, so they won’t carry through and crack the paint, maintaining the weatherproof seal.

The entire five-bedroom house was finished within two weeks. This included painting the decks, concrete, pergola, roof, steps, walls, eves, gutters and fascias. Anything that needed painting – we painted it.

Client Review:

I would happily recommend Sophie and her team to anyone wanting a quality result. We had the exterior of our home fully painted including decking, and 3 pergola areas. The results was total transformation and done to perfection. They worked hard to give us the results we hoped for and all the while so lovely to deal with and always on time. Even when unexpected issues came up like they do sometimes with old houses they were able to come up with a solution that was cost effective and ended in a great result. It was such a pleasure to deal with a company that is so professional.
Laura Diaz
Ian Court, Frankston South