Spring & Summer Paint Colour Trends

Are you looking for a beautiful new colour to paint your home this Spring/Summer?

There are many reasons to paint the interior of your home. With summer around the corner, why not use some inspiration from Dulux and Pantone for the latest colour trends? With more entertaining and relaxing on the cards, it is the perfect time to update the colour of your walls. Maintain and freshen up the house, while giving the rooms some extra depth and character. Our team of painters at SG Coatings have put together the latest colour trends from around the globe. These trends should provide you with some advice on selecting summer colours when painting the interior of your home.

Dulux Spring/Summer trends

Dulux has launched their Spring/Summer colours for 2020. These colour shades have been described as providing “conscious, smart living choices, without compromising on the beauty, warmth and texture that remains essential to creating a happy place.”

The classic and natural colours can produce endless possibilities, working with both new or existing furniture and interior design. When cleverly used, the colours are bound to deliver a fresh, personal touch to your walls.

Te Aroha Painting Color

Te Aroha is a natural and rejuvenating green colour that re-enforces a connection with nature. The shade combines minimalistic tones with a colour that will stand out boldly.

Grey Reflection Painting Color

Grey Reflection is a light, industrial colour that provides simplicity yet depth and personality to the walls of your home.

Time Capsule Painting Color

Time capsule is a neutral brown shade that can create a stunning space when applied with the correct textures and furniture.

Pantone 2020 Spring/Summer trends

The Pantone Institute has recently listed the 2020 New York Fashion Week Colour Palette. It contains some colorful favorites amongst some seasonal core shades. Below we have listed some of our favorites that will really make your walls stand out.

Spring & Summer Paint Colour Trends
Faded denim blue evokes comfort and peace. This is the perfect colour to use within coastal properties to reflect the blues of the ocean.
Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon stick is a warm and modest shade of red that contrasts with its surroundings. It also draws attention to the bold and comforting colour.


Sunlight is a light, soft yellow which radiates happiness, pleasure and a sense of natural brightness.

How to choose a colour to match your home

Inspiration: Use catalogues, magazines, online images and any other form of inspiration you can get your hands on. Viewing homes with a similar design to your own can give you a great idea of what colours will match your furniture and the overall house design. After gathering inspiration, it is much easier to select for colours that will match your home.

Size and orientation: With residential painting, the size and the layout of your home can impact how a colour will look on your walls. If the room you are painting is small, a dark colour could engulf the room and make it seem even smaller. To tackle this problem, apply darker colours sparingly by creating a feature wall. You can also match the dark walls with contrasting colours to lighten up the space.

Colour psychology: The colour of your walls can impact the way a room feels more than any other accessory. Think about the emotions you want to evoke when a person walks into your newly painted room. If you want to create a relaxing ambience within the bedroom, aim for light blues, greens and earthy tones that will promote calmness. Brighter and bolder colours such as red and yellow will create a more uplifting and stimulating feel. This may not always be suitable for a bedroom setting, but may be better applied in the living room or a kitchen.

Painting your home can be a wonderful way to freshen up your home for summer, and the colour options are endless. If you’re looking to re-paint your walls this summer and you’re seeking some assistance, our friendly team of professional painters at SG Coatings are up for the job. Our domestic painting service is renowned for providing our customers with quality paint jobs. If you would like to book a free design consultation and/or free painting quote for residential painting on the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside, Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs, please contact us here