The biggest interior paint colour trends for winter 2021

The biggest interior paint colour trends for winter 2021

There is a lot of thought that goes into deciding which colour to paint your walls. It can often be hard to decide which colour or shade will suit the home best. To provide some inspiration, we have listed below a number of trending paint colour ideas for Winter in 2021.

Colour not only provides decoration and character to a home. It also sets an emotional tone or mood which can change how we feel in the room. It’s important to get the right shade of paint for your walls, but it can be a challenge to make a selection and set the right tone for the room.

If you require some assistance with selecting a paint colour that is right for your home, contact our team of professional house painters in Bayside, or keep reading on.

Neutral shades

Neutral shades have been popular throughout 2020 and will continue to trend through into the winter of 2021 in Melbourne.

Milky neutral colours such as beige, almond and cream help to create a warm and cozy personal space. These colours provide a sense of comfort, familiarity and relaxation.

With winter and colder weather approaching, these neutral shades can create a feeling of calmness and restfulness. These shades create a place where you can truly relax.

Neutral shades also make a strong base coat for other features of the home that you may paint an accent colour.


Light greens

Shades of pastel green can provide a stunning backdrop or feature wall that will really contrast against your décor. These green colours are being used in many fashionable and trending interior paint designs, and for a good reason.

The colour green is often associated with nature, which can provide a sense of calm and tranquility within the home. The light shades also create a sense of happiness and peace with their brightness and hue.

With many different shades and design options to apply it to, light green colours will remain a popular paint trend throughout winter in 2021.


Deep reds

To create a warm and comfortable home environment where you can nestle in and escape the cold of winter, try painting your interior walls with deep shades of red.

The rich shades can look amazing when paired with the home décor. They give off a luxurious but naturally cozy feeling to any room.

These colours can provide a dramatic flair to your home design, whilst giving off an inviting and comforting feeling.


Dark blues

Navy blue hues are some of the most attractive and popular colours for interior home design in 2021. Not only will these shades suit any room in the house, but they also pair well with many furniture types and designs.

Shifting away from the more neutral colour pallet which has been popular throughout many homes, the rich blue colours can provide a vibrant yet serene atmosphere to any room in the home.

These shades also work well in sunny areas, or in low-light rooms such as the bathroom. Use white as a contrasting colour to paint accent features inside the home including trim, skirting boards, doorframes and ceilings


Chalky whites

It’s predicted that chalky whites will be a very popular colour choice amongst home owners in 2021.

Rather than the traditional bright, almost fluorescent white colours that are commonly used in homes, a chalky white contains warmer undertones of greys and browns to produce a textured finish to the paint. This provides the room with a little more character and warmth than the traditional whites that we often see.

Whites will pair well with any colour or style of furniture you choose, and can be a really great choice when aiming to open up a room and make your space feel bigger.


Terracotta shades

The use of earthy tones on the walls of a room can provide a natural and stunning look that will pair flawlessly with many contemporary home designs.

These rich, warm and natural shades consist of chalky pinks, burnt oranges and yellowy browns. These shades draw their inspiration from the colours found in nature, making your home feel natural and peaceful.


Hopefully some of the ideas listed above have inspired your winter colour choices for 2021. You may be thinking about re-painting your walls with a new winter colour, but may still be unsure which colours will best suit your home and its décor.

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