Tips For Painting The Ultimate Feature Wall

Painting a feature wall is a great way to add some individual style and personality to your home interior, but creating a personalised look that fits the home can potentially be a challenging task. The wall, style, colours and the furniture in the house must all be considered to determine which best compliment the style of your home. The following tips are designed to provide some assistance and ensure that your new feature wall looks spectacular.

Choosing the wall

Selecting the wall is the first step of the beginning of your new painting project. Choose a wall that is large enough to accommodate the colours or shapes that you are planning to use. This could be a backdrop for a dining table, bookshelf or anywhere else that you want to stand out. Ideally, the feature wall you choose should be the focal point when you first walk into the room. The feature wall creates a strong contrast against the focal point, drawing attention to its details. Feature walls are great for highlighting or framing existing features such as stone cladding, mantel pieces and fireplaces, and are often used to separate zones in modern open plan living. Try to avoid walls with windows, doors and artwork as they tend to draw attention away from the feature.


There are thousands of colours out there to choose from to create a unique feature wall in your home. Using charts, samples and paint chips is a great way to test which colours will work for that specific wall before painting the entire surface. Think about the rest of the room and the statement that you want to make with the feature wall. Do you want to create a certain mood with the colour? Do you want it in your favourite colour? Do you want the colour to compliment or contrast with something in the room? Consider these questions if you are unsure of colour. If the room is already a light or neutral colour, be brave and choose something bold that will stand out against the rest of the space. This helps to give the room more personality and depth. You can also use different paints such as metallic, concrete-look and rust type texture paints which can provide the room with an amazing and individual feel. Different effects such as stencils or shapes can also be added to set off the colour of the wall. You can always contact a residential painter for assistance regarding colours. SG Coatings professional painting service is always happy to help and provide a free colour consultation.

Wall Painting


Wallpaper is a fantastic way to make a feature wall stand out, creating striking backdrops when used correctly. Experiment with different colours, textures and patterns to determine the type of wallpaper you want to use. Paint sections of the wall in a similar colour to get an idea of the effect that the wallpaper will have on the room. You may choose to use a bright pattern that accentuates the dark colours in the room, or you may opt for something more subtle to better suit the style of your home. The choice is yours.


Strategically placing furniture around the feature wall is another great way to capture attention and emphasise the wall against the rest of the room. You may choose to paint the wall behind a shelving unit or fireplace in the lounge room. For a bedroom feature wall, you could choose to paint the wall behind the bed, highlighting the focal point of the room. Be sure not to cover the wall too much with the furniture though, as the feature wall should capture the focus on the best features of the room, without other furniture distracting attention away from the wall.

If you’re thinking about creating a feature wall in your home and you’re seeking some assistance, our friendly team of residential painters at SG Coatings are happy to help. With years of experience, top of the range equipment and the best quality paints, our expert team will ensure that your new feature wall looks incredible. Our professional painting service is committed to executing perfect paint jobs in residential homes. If you would like to book a free design consultation and/or free painting quote to discuss a feature wall or any other domestic painting on the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, Bayside, South East Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs, please contact us here.