Tips For Painting Your Coastal Home

Below we guide you through the process of painting your coastal home.

Melbourne’s beach-side homes can often be subject to some extreme weather conditions including harsh sun, rain, wind, salt-water and sand. These elements are all capable of damaging exterior surfaces. It’s important to take care of these exterior surfaces before and after painting, to ensure they remain in good condition. Choosing the correct tools and materials for the job is vital for a well-protected paint job, but to achieve a magnificent coastal design, you’ll also need to consider the colour of your paint.  

Follow our steps below for an amazing look that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.


Prior to painting, it is essential to apply primer on all new metal and timber that are intended to be painted. They help to prevent rust from appearing on metal and help seal the timber to prevent moisture penetrating the surface.

Primers also act as a great base coat that helps the final coats of paint to really stick. Polyurethane lacquer and good quality penetrating oil are also required to protect exterior timber that is not intended for painting. These products can help prevent scratches, scuffs and cracks from appearing in the wood.

A popular choice for penetrating oil among many professional Melbourne painters is ‘Extreme oil’ by CUTEK. This high-performance wood protection oil is guaranteed to control moisture and minimise damage to your surfaces.


Good quality paints, brushes and rollers will make the paint job easier while extending the life of the paint. High-quality materials are vital to ensure that your surfaces will look amazing for years to come. Low-quality paints are prone to fading and cracking after a short amount of time. This is usually realised when it’s too late and the painting has been finished. High-quality paints also offer higher durability and have great resistance to humidity and UV light exposure, perfect for your beachside home. When painting the exterior of your coastal home, weather shield paint is a great option. It creates an extra layer of protection against the harsh elements.

Brands like Haymes and Dulux are two exterior paint brands that will give you many years when applied correctly.


Choosing the right colour for painting your coastal home is just as important as applying the right paint. It’s critical to both home interior painting and exterior painting, in order to truly capture the coastal design.

Coastal style is about incorporating nature into the living space. This includes various types of texture, colour and lighting which can all be affected by the paint. Various whites, pale blues, greens, greys and other pastel colours are popular in coastal homes to give an earthy feeling. The lighter colours also last a lot longer than the darker tones.

To achieve a truly coastal aesthetic, try combing whites with blues or greys to create a seaside feel. Weathered timber combined with white is another classic look that draws inspiration from classical Hampton-style homes.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but if you do require an expert opinion, our professional painters are always happy to assist with colour recommendations.


Once the paint job is complete, the work is not necessarily over. In order to keep your surfaces in top condition, it’s important to wash the painted walls with water and a small amount of soap from time to time. This helps to prevent any build-up of dirt and mould that can appear on the surfaces, and if left there, will break done the properties of the paint.

It’s also important to take extra care of any exterior woodwork that may have been painted. You can use a soft brush with soapy water and a damp cloth afterwards. You can also re-apply a layer of clear varnish lacquer every two years to provide ongoing protection.

If for some reason the paint does begin to crack or peel, it’s important to repair it immediately to prevent any further damage. This can be done by scraping and sanding back any excess paint, priming the area and then touching up with two to three layers of paint.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with SG Coatings residential painting service to fix up any defected areas.

A quality paint job can sometimes be difficult to achieve and may require some expert assistance. Thankfully, we provide a professional painting service, and our painters have the knowledge and equipment needed to execute a stunning coastal paint job.

At SG Coatings, we are well known for providing high-quality painting services with solutions that will suit your individual requirements. If you would like to book a free design consultation and/or free painting quote to discuss painting your beachside home in Mount Martha, Mornington, Rosebud, Dromana or the surrounding suburbs of Bayside Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, please contact us here.