Wallpaper vs Painting: Which is better for my home?

When designing or redecorating your home, there are endless colours and styles to jazz up your walls. From painted feature walls through to embossed wallpaper, the variety of options available may make it hard to know where to start. You may already have some ideas on paint colours or wallpaper styling from home design magazines or perhaps you have collated a Pinterest board for inspiration and are simply doing some research to weigh up your options. If you have been doing your research and still cannot decide whether wallpaper vs painting is best for your home, SG Coatings is here to help minimise confusion.

Painting Pros

Painting is the most commonly used wall covering because it never goes out of style. Since the 1200s, artisans have been commissioned to paint houses. One of the advantages of paint is the variety of colours and finishes available. Whether you prefer a gloss, matte or satin finish, there is an option for all your styling needs. Paint colours and types (e.g. water or oil based) can be customised to your specific requirements, providing your home with a truly unique solution. If you need some inspiration on the current spring and summer paint colour trends read more over here. Paint has the flexibility to be used for any application including your home interior, home exterior, fences and decking. You can paint almost any surface, including ceilings, decorative panelling and trims, and even timber. Using a flexible product for rejuvenating your home means you have more control over the final result, delivering the dream house you have always pictured.

Residential PaintingCommercially, you can also paint your office space, factory or retail outlet. It has been proven that painting your office improves customer impression, improves the mood of staff, improves the air quality and even keeps your workplace safe. Another benefit of interior painting is the ability to easily change the paint colour on an individual wall, room or entire house if required. Whether you would like to add a feature wall, change the style of your home or freshen up specific areas, paint has the flexibility to be changed whenever you like. This is a definite pro on the side of painting as it serves a purpose not only for your requirements now, but also into the future. To boost your creative flair, check out the beautiful SG Coatings painting projects completed around Bayside Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Wallpaper Pros

The major advantage of wallpaper is the ability to create patterns, designs and textures easily. You can also dramatically change a wall or room without permanently altering it, as wallpaper is applied on top of a painted wall. Durability of wallpaper is another positive, as it is more resistant to wear and tear damage in high volume areas or children’s rooms. Wallpaper Cons

Painting Cons

Like any surface in your home or office, general wear and tear can cause scuff marks and other damage to your walls, meaning you may need to repaint in time. To counteract this negative, there are different paint solutions available that may reduce the risk of damage. A local professional house painter has the experience to advise on the best type of paint for your home or business, so it is always best to take advantage of their knowledge and ask them to recommend a product tailored to your needs.

Wallpaper Cons

Wallpaper has had a perpendicular history of being either on-trend or unstylish. Wallpaper is generally not recommended in commercial applications because of its on-and-off trend nature and bold appearance. It can be too distracting for employees and customers in most workplaces. Not only should you steer clear of wallpaper for your business, but you should consider its flexibility before using it in a home. Unfortunately, you are limited in the type of surface you choose to wallpaper. For example, it is not recommended to use wallpaper on ceilings or in wet areas, and you cannot use it on timber surfaces, brick or intricate features.ou may have also noticed poorly applied wallpaper in homes that has been unevenly applied or bubbled in areas. Depending on the environment, wallpaper may crack or bubble, especially in high moisture environments like the kitchen or bathroom.As wallpaper is applied with adhesive, it can be painful and costly to remove. On average, wallpaper can be more expensive than painting. Wallpaper also has very little return on investment (ROI), if any, whereas painting your home can increase the value immensely. Here’s the breakdown:







In summary...

The battle of wallpaper vs painting is a longstanding one. When choosing which is better for your home, evaluate the pros vs cons in line with your home styling preferences. At SG Coatings we believe that painting is a clear winner due to its timeless style and versatile nature. It is suitable in all areas of your home or business, increases the value of your home and can be easily refreshed or updated as required. Should you have found a wallpaper that you love, consider using it sparingly to create feature walls in common areas or children’s rooms.

Remember, just like any trade professional you are looking to engage, ensure your painter or wallpaper installer provides quality customer service, workmanship, and are reliable and professional. Any changes in your home are an investment and your residential painting service should work in partnership with you to provide the best solution for your home. Based in Frankston, SG Coatings are your local professional domestic and commercial painters servicing bayside Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. To continue the conversation, contact our team of male and female painters today. No project is too difficult for us to manage.