What To Look For In A Professional Painter

Although painting your home or business can be done yourself, anyone who has tried “DIY painting” will understand the biggest challenge of all is finding the time to get it done. If you want to spend your time on more valuable activities around your home or business it is best to call in the experts to get the job done efficiently and professionally… But how do you know who to choose for the job? There are many things to consider when selecting a professional painter for the interior or exterior painting of your home or business, so below we have outlined some key considerations to help you find the perfect match for you.

Experience and Credentials

It is all too common today to gain easy access to a “professional painter”, but it is important to choose wisely to ensure nothing is overlooked which may cause issues down the track. Firstly, an experienced painter will know how to treat existing issues such as rotting or damaged walls and paint. Often DIY painters will simply paint over such problems, which can cause bubbling, cracking and further rotting, potentially costing you thousands down the track. An experienced, professional painter will be a master in repairing, preparing, priming and painting techniques that will ensure the longevity of your newly refreshed walls. They can also often provide complimentary services such as pressure washing, anti-rust solutions, anti-mold solutions and wood rot treatments. This level of experience by far outweighs the initial cost savings of a DIY painter.

To be sure you are dealing with an experienced, high quality painter, you may look for someone with more than 10 years’ experience. You can also read reviews of the company online, or ask the painter for some testimonials or case studies from previous clients. You should also ensure the painter provides insurance, warranty information and relevant accreditation where applicable.

Commercial Gymnasium Painting Langwarrin

A snapshot of a Commercial Painting job completed at a local gym

Look for a Local Painter

We all like to support local businesses, but this isn’t the only advantage of hiring a local painter. Often hiring a professional painter that specialises in painting properties within your region can give you the leading edge. They will be familiar with common weather conditions relevant to your local area, such as wind, rain, sunshine. These conditions may impact the best type of paint to use as well as common potential existing issues to correct before painting. Knowing your area can also help determine any local contaminants that may affect the paint choice once again. For example, beachside properties in Frankston, Mt Martha, Safety Beach and other suburbs along the Mornington Peninsula Coast, may endure heavy exposure to the salt water from the ocean where the salt can settle on the home’s exterior. This can increase your chance of peeling and chipping if the correct paint isn’t used.

A local professional painter is also usually more well versed in property age and history. They will be able to quickly assess your residence, knowing whether there is likely to be rotting structures, lead in the paint or even asbestos.

Initial Consultation

A confident, expert painter will be comfortable providing a free site visit, quote and design consultation. This gives you the opportunity to meet and determine the level of professionalism and friendliness of your new painter, without any obligation. During your initial consultation, you can ask as many questions as you like to determine if this contractor is the right fit for you and your requirements. During this stage someone with extensive experience should be able to colour match for you, or provide advice on different colour pallet options. Professional painters should also recommend particular types of paint and brands that will suit your design and lifestyle requirements which can then be outlined in a thorough quote.

Interior Painting Sandringham

Inside a freshly painted home

Minimising Disruptions

Of course painting your space can be challenging when you have a house or business to run, so be sure to select a painting contractor who is upfront about potential disruptions, or offers unique solutions to minimise any down time. The cost of the painting job can become much more expensive if it causes disruptions to your work or everyday life, so it is best to choose a painting service that prioritises and values your time. For example, at SG Coatings we provide an optional overnight painting service which is popular with businesses to ensure there is minimal unnecessary down time for your day-to-day work schedule. The hard work is taken care of while you are sleeping.

Another consideration that can become an annoying disruption when it is overlooked, is the care that is taken with your property. Be sure to hire someone who has all of their own high-quality safety and protection equipment. Ask your painter if they have measures in place to prevent accidents, protect your furniture and other important surfaces, as well as how they intend to leave the property at handover. You should be confident that there will be no mess left behind after the work is complete, including dust, paint drops and even muddy shoe marks from tradespeople. When you invest your money in to a professional painting service to improve the aesthetics and quality of your home, you absolutely deserve to be nothing more than dazzled and impressed when it is handed over.

SG Coatings has quickly developed into a renowned painting services company supplying quality home interior painting, home exterior painting as well as commercial painting services. Founded by Sophie Grover with over 17 years’ experience, you can rest assured you are provided with a professional, personalised service delivering results that excites clients. If you would like to book a free design consultation and/or free painting quote on the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside Melbourne, South East Melbourne or surrounding suburbs please contact us here.