Why you should use premium products for your home

In order to create a stunning new paint job for your new home, you need to look further than just the paint colour. Cheap paints won’t achieve great coverage, and will be more likely to flake and peel in the future. Using premium painting products for your walls is the best way to ensure that your paint job looks great. It will also help your paint job stand the test of time. If you decide to hire a professional painter, ask them for the names of the paints they are using. Most professional painters will only use the highest quality paints. This should reassure you that your paint will look great and protect your walls from the elements. If you’re still unsure and thinking about purchasing some cheaper paint, think again! We’ve listed some great reasons below as to why you should only use premium products for your home.

High quality

Only the highest quality ingredients make it into a can of premium paint, meaning that you are guaranteed a great final finish. The ingredients include resins, acrylics, binders, pigments and additives. They all serve to provide good adhesion and create a high-quality finish. It also helps the paint to become more stain and fade resistant, as well as making it easier to touch up. When home interior painting with a premium paint, you don’t have to worry about whether you can wipe your kids fingerprints off the wall. You also don’t need to wonder whether the paint will fade dramatically over time. You can relax in knowing that your walls will look amazing no matter what happens to them.


One great thing about premium paints is that they just look better on your walls. The colours are bold and defined and the coats will apply more evenly. After drying, the paint will thicken up and create a beautiful layer of paint that will hold strong. Your house is somewhere you spend a lot of time. It’s worth dedicating your time and money to create a wall that looks amazing. After all, who wants to stare at a peeling, faded wall?

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Long lasting

Premium paints are also renowned for holding up so well over time. When you put all the time and effort into a brand new paint job, you want it to last as long as possible. If it were to start flaking and peeling just a year or two after painting, all the effort would be wasted. This is exactly why professional painting teams will use premium paints for their clients’ homes. The premium paints are created in such a way that enhances the colour for longevity and prevents it from flaking and peeling. The paint is highly durable, and interior paints will protect well from common mould and mildew problems that can occur. Exterior paints will also be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and other humidity problems associated with home exterior painting. Premium paints are known to last twice as long as regular paints without chipping or cracking. Even when exposed to the strong UV levels from the Australian sun, they will stay solid.


Premium paints may seem expensive to buy outright, but they can certainly save you money in the long run. With a cheap paint, you may have to repaint the walls three times over 10 years. This can require a significant amount of paint. This is especially relevant for home exterior painting. Compared to just once every 10 to 15 years with a premium paint, you will use much less which will save your wallet. Cheap paints will also require more coats to achieve a bold colour with even coverage. A premium paint on the other hand will require much less.


However, it’s not just the paint that you need to consider. To apply your paint correctly, you may need to purchase primers, brushes, rollers, paint trays etc. It’s important to have high quality equipment, as this can determine how well you apply your paint. Do some research online before you purchase your equipment, ensuring that it has good reviews. Our team of professional painters only use quality equipment to apply our paint perfectly each time. We take great pride in our work, and so only the best tools available will do.

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